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Atlantic Winter Skate

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Why We Love It:

Loved by chefs and New England fishermen alike, Skate wings are sweet like scallops, delicate but firm like lobster, and often compared to flounder and sole. These skin-off fillets are hand trimmed and fan-shaped, so they make for a uniquely beautiful and delicious plate.


One 12oz pack (2 x 6oz servings, flash-frozen).

Cooking Tip:

For a classic French-inspired meal, pan sauté in a butter and caper sauce, sprinkle with parsley and serve with asparagus and roasted potatoes. Here's our recipe for Atlantic Winter Skate Meunière.

Where It's From:

This Winter Skate is caught off the shores of Chatham, Massachusetts -- a fishing town at the elbow of Cape Cod. With an ever-growing stock level, Winter Skate is rated as a Good Alternative by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch. Check the traceability sticker on each individual pack for specific landing location and catch method!

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