For the Love of Fish

We believe that the best fish is the one you catch yourself. When that's not an option, we're here to offer the best seafood from every coast and deliver it right to your door.

Our Mission

Every day, port towns from Maine down to the Gulf Coast and back up to Alaska welcome the wild catch of American fishermen. As US fisheries are closely monitored and managed by a strict science-based system, we can rest easy knowing that their fish is responsibly-caught from healthy oceans. Our goal is to make this delicious seafood available to everyone.

The Dimin Family


Sean Dimin fell in love with fish at a young age. It wasn’t just the ocean and the wonder of marine life he fell for, but also the people and places that connect the rest of us to the sea. After learning the ropes on fishing boats and living in fishing communities, Sean founded Sea to Table with his father and brothers.

Now that he has a young family of his own, Sean has taken what he learned from fishing and working with fishermen to heart: Take care of your catch and feed your family the best. With Sea to Table's home delivery, families across the United States can also enjoy the very best catch.

Feel free to drop Sean a line.

Press Mentions

Our Fisheries


In our mission to get more Americans to Eat Better Fish we travel far and wide meeting the men and women who have harvested and protected our national waters for generations. Join us in Celebrating America’s Seafood from port towns and coastal villages throughout our country.

The Company We Keep

Sea to Table works with other socially-responsible organizations that care about the health of our oceans and the safety of our food.