Frequently asked questions

Orders ship within 1-3 business days of purchase, and deliver within 1-3 days of shipment.* Please order by midnight on Monday to ensure same-week delivery, but note that your order may deliver same-week even if you order after Monday (depending on your transit time).

You will receive a tracking email when your order ships, and it will arrive fully frozen. We do our best to deliver on weekdays so that you have your order in time for the weekend!

Please contact with any special delivery date requests before your order ships.

(*Shipping & Delivery Schedule is subject to change during major holiday seasons.)

All of our fish is vacuum sealed in plastic, flash frozen, and wrapped in butcher paper. We then pack it with an eco-friendly insulation and plenty of dry ice to ensure it stays frozen while it’s on the way to your door, and we guarantee it will arrive fully frozen!

Cardboard boxes can be recycled curbside as you would any paper.

Insulation is made from recycled clothing (blue jeans) or waste from clothing manufacturing, and should be discarded in the trash unless your municipality allows textile recycling or composting. The plastic liner for the insulation is polyethylene (#4 LDPE, like a bread bag) and widely recyclable through store collection bins.

Our butcher paper is a special freezer parchment with an artificial wax lining, which should be discarded in the trash, along with plastic vacuum wraps.