The World's Largest Open Pit Mine Is Coming To Alaska

The World's Largest Open Pit Mine Is Coming To Alaska

Save Bristol Bay, Stop Pebble Mine

Bristol Bay is the lifeblood of Alaska. Home to the world’s largest wild sockeye salmon run, the bay provides tens of thousands of Alaskan jobs and feeds Americans from coast to coast.

At Sea to Table, we depend on Bristol Bay for the wild salmon we are proud to provide to our customers. And our Bristol Bay fishermen depend on us to provide a fair price for their catch to support their families and community. But this relationship, and the salmon that sustains it, is facing an existential threat from the Pebble Mine project.


If you haven’t heard of the Pebble Mine project, it is a massive open pit mine intended to extract copper, gold, and molybdenum at the headwaters of pristine Bristol Bay. If fully built, the mine will produce 10.2 billion tons of toxic waste that will remain on the site forever. Because of its size, geochemistry, and location, those toxins threaten the entire watershed. If built, it will poison Bristol Bay. Despite this, the mine is being fast-tracked for construction permitting, and that’s a crime.

Check out this video we made with some of the chefs we work with voicing their opposition to Pebble Mine back in 2012. Hard to believe that here we are 8 years later, and the disaster is still unfolding.

Pebble Mine permitting is being rushed through at record speed. But the EPA has a responsibility to protect Bristol Bay and the people who rely on it. They must stop Pebble Mine from receiving key permits and veto the project. And they can. But we must make our voices heard. Please join us in taking action by visiting and demand that the EPA veto Pebble Mine. It’s not too late, but it soon will be. Take action for Bristol Bay. Take action for the salmon. Take action for Alaska, our planet, and our future.

For the Fish,
Sean Dimin, Co-Founder & CEO
Sea to Table

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