Wild Salmon

Wild Salmon

How much do you know about wild salmon? There are seven species of wild Pacific salmon. Five of them occur in North American waters: chinook (king), coho, chum, sockeye, and pink. Masu and amago salmon occur only in Asia. There is only one species of wild Atlantic salmon…the aptly named Atlantic Salmon. Atlantic salmon, however, are endangered in the wild. If you see it for sale in the US, you can be assured it is farmed.

What is Wild Salmon?

Wild caught salmon is very different from farmed salmon. Wild salmon in their natural habitats grow up eating natural sources of food, such as other wild fish and small invertebrates, which contributes to their superior taste. This savory and complex flavor is only one of the reasons you should buy wild salmon. Wild caught salmon is higher in omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to your health in numerous ways. Wild salmon has about one-half the fat and a third of the calories of farmed salmon, and does not contain chemicals or antibiotics. Eating wild caught salmon is one of the healthiest choices you can make.

Where Can I Buy Wild Salmon?

The very best way to ensure you are eating wild caught salmon is to head to the docks and buy it directly from the fishermen. But you may be wondering, if you live inland, “where can I buy wild caught salmon near me?” The answer is in your hands right now! You can buy wild caught salmon online at Sea2table.com and have it delivered directly to your door, still flash-frozen at the peak of freshness.  At Sea to Table, you can choose from three different types of wild salmon: Sockeye, Coho and King. Next time you are wondering where to buy wild caught salmon, let your fingers do the fishing and shop our selection now.

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