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Northwest Pacific Halibut

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Why We Love It:

Coming from the clean and cold waters of the Pacific Northwest, Halibut is a long time favorite of fellow fish fanatics. Big and toothsome with clean white flakes this fish tastes delicate and mild like a flounder but is meaty enough to hold up to any cooking method. It’s the best of both worlds and caught right here in the USA.


One 10oz pack (2 x 5oz servings, flash-frozen).

Cooking Tip:

Halibut is low in fat but high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Watch for the first hints of the flesh starting to flake to know that the fish is ready to come off the heat and rest before being served. Try our recipes Grilled Halibut and Spring Fish Soup.

Where It's From:

Our Halibut is caught throughout the state of Alaska and hand-filleted right at the dock. Check the traceability sticker on each individual pack for specific landing location and catch method!

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