Don't Lick the Dry Ice!

Don't Lick the Dry Ice!

It’s almost unbelievable. How can we guarantee that your fish, a notoriously perishable item, will arrive at your doorstep still fully frozen in the heat of summer without the added cost of overnight shipping? Is it magic? No, it’s science.

Your fish is kept frozen by dry ice, a solid form of carbon dioxide that sublimates as it “melts”, passing from solid to gas without a liquid phase in between. At an incredible -109.3 Fahrenheit, dry ice is over 100 times colder than your home freezer, and we pack your box with enough to ensure that there is plenty for the trip (upwards of 20-25lbs). As a matter of fact, there will likely be some left over in the box. So what can you do with it? Turns out that dry ice is as cool as it is cold.


Christmas Story frame of licking cold pole

We can’t stress that enough. The easiest thing would be to place it outside until it fully sublimates (away from animals and children). But that’s no fun! Here are a few simple things to amuse yourself with your leftover dry ice. Remember, always handle it with caution.

Make some fog.

Wearing gloves, toss a chunk into a glass of hot water and watch as the vapor swirls mysteriously around the glass. But don’t drink it or try to make a fancy cocktail. See rule number one.

Freeze a soap bubble.

Blow a soap bubble over a piece of dry ice. The bubble will appear to float in the air over the dry ice. You can pick up the bubble and examine it. Perhaps gaze into it like a crystal ball. Your future? Buying more fish.

dry ice molecule

Blow up a balloon.

Seal a small piece of dry ice inside a balloon. As the dry ice sublimates, the balloon will fill up. If your piece of dry ice is too big, the balloon will pop! (That’s actually the best part. But be careful.)

Dry Ice Bubbles.

Place a chunk of dry ice into a bucket of soap solution and fog-filled bubbles form. Pop them. It’s much cooler and more satisfying than bubble wrap.

The screaming spoon.

Finally, hold a spoon (bowl side down) on a chunk of dry ice. It will vibrate and “scream”, much like you would if you broke rule number one.

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