Frozen is the New Fresh

Frozen is the New Fresh

The Cold Never Bothered Us Anyway

Let’s just stop with frozen fish snobbery. Frozen food suffers from the stigma of the highly processed...the hot pockets, the pizza rolls...and it’s hard to shake a reputation like that. But Foodies should think twice about bypassing the freezer when looking for the freshest and tastiest fish. Let it go and embrace flash freezing for the almost perfect preservation method it is. From taste to nutrition to responsibility, frozen wins.

Frozen is the New Fresh - Sea to Table

Taste & Quality:

With 95% of all seafood consumed in the US being imported, “Fresh” May not be as fresh as you think… especially after traveling thousands of miles to reach your plate. Old fish smells “fishy” because of a chemical named trimethylamine that is released as soon as a fish begins to break down. Fish that are flash frozen at the time of harvest are preserved in pristine condition before the chemical has had a chance to act.

Nutrition and Safety:

Much of frozen fish’s bad reputation has to do with the perceived nutritional differences between it and fresh. Many people believe that frozen seafood is a lot less nutritionally dense than fresh. The truth is that this difference is minimal. While the water released during thawing does contain some nutrients, when thawed correctly and if the seafood has been frozen immediately after harvest there is barely any loss at all. And frozen is often safer to eat because the freezing process kills harmful bacteria.

Environmental Responsibility:

Counterintuitively, frozen fish has a smaller carbon footprint than fresh. Fresh fish must travel by air for thousands of miles to reach your plate, while frozen seafood travels by train and truck, producing much fewer carbon emissions.

Waste Reduction:

As much as 47 percent of all edible seafood in the United States goes to waste, according to a study from the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future (CLF). Seriously, almost half. That’s staggering! And over half of that waste happens at the consumer level. By buying frozen, pre-portioned fish and defrosting just what you need, much of this spoilage would be eliminated.

Frozen Fish is Fresher than Fresh

For the sake of our health, our pockets and our planet, it’s time to stop turning a cold shoulder to frozen seafood. Sea to Table seafood is blast frozen at sea or on the dock to ensure you are getting the highest quality, most nutritious and environmentally responsible product we can offer. To try for yourself how fresh frozen can be, shop Sea to Table today.

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