Sustainable Fish is in our DNA

Sustainable Fish is in our DNA

Sea to Table Fish is DNA-Tested to Avoid Fish Fraud

You care about the fish you eat. And so do we. That’s why we go to such great extents to ensure the fish that you are ordering, and that your family is eating, is truly wild, sustainable and correctly labeled.

Sea to Table is the only online seafood company to send samples of our fish to a leading food technologies lab four times per year to have its DNA sequenced. These tests conclude, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that no species switch has occurred anywhere in our supply chain from boat to plate.

But why is this important? By analyzing a the DNA of fish sold across the country, researchers have found that roughly a third of U.S. seafood is mislabeled. When you buy from Sea to Table you can be sure that you are not a victim of fish fraud and getting exactly the seafood you ordered. It’s part of our Mission to Help More Americans Eat Better Fish.

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