Consider the Source: Wild Alaskan Salmon

Consider the Source: Wild Alaskan Salmon

Imagine the view from the deck of a fishing boat as the dawn breaks over Alaska’s Bristol Bay. Bristol Bay is a National Treasure, and it’s nothing less than magical. This southwest Alaskan region—covering 40,000 square miles—is pristine wild country stretching across tundra and wetlands, crisscrossed with rivers that flow into the bay. Up to 40 million Sockeye Salmon return to this watershed each year, making it the world's largest run. In addition to Sockeye, there are stunning runs of Coho Salmon, plus the full array of Arctic wildlife, including grizzly bears, wolves, moose, caribou, and waterfowl.

The pure water and healthy habitat of Bristol Bay makes it the world's largest wild salmon fishery, generating billions of dollars for the local economy. Each year, the commercial fishery, which dates back to the 1880s, supports more than 14,000 jobs. Bristol Bay salmon are an economic engine that not only sustains the region, but also thousands of American families.

Map of Bristol Bay, AK

So why is Wild Alaskan Salmon the best? It’s not just because they have the best view and are caught by some of the best American fishermen. Wild Alaskan Salmon feed on a wild diet of plankton, krill, and small fish. Similar to the uniqueness of grass-fed beef, a salmon on its traditional diet tastes much fuller and is much more nutrient-rich than farmed salmon. The taste of Wild Alaskan Salmon compares to farmed salmon like fresh peas compare to canned. Rather than being scooped from a pen, every wild salmon is harvested carefully following well-regulated and sustainable methods. The fish take care of the fishermen so the fishermen take care of the fish, ensuring gentle handling for the highest quality meat.


Plated Sockeye


The sustainability and abundance of Bristol Bay are big reasons why Sea to Table sells only Wild Alaskan Salmon. Just like our fishermen, we’re selective. We care about our customers, so we offer the best fish available. We care about the ocean and its inhabitants, and ensure the fish we sell is responsibly and sustainably caught. And we care about our fishermen, doing everything we can to support fair ex-vessel pricing so we can all make a good living.

At Sea to Table, we know our fish. So next time you order a pack of Sea to Table Wild Alaskan Coho or Sockeye Salmon (or any of our other seafood offerings), take a closer look at the packet. We tell you exactly where your fish comes from, often down to the name of the fishing vessel (if available) that caught it. Because we want you to know your fish as well as we do.

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