Wild Caught Fish, the Best Choice

Wild Caught Fish, the Best Choice

It’s important to be a discerning buyer when it comes to seafood. And it’s especially important to know the difference between wild caught fish and farmed fish. Which is the most sustainable, nutritious (and tastiest) choice?

Wild or Farmed? 

For instance, when buying salmon, you may have the choice between farmed (or “Atlantic”) salmon or wild caught salmon. So which do you choose?

Wild caught fish, because of their natural diet, contain more beneficial nutrients than farmed. Wild caught Alaskan salmon has fewer calories and half the saturated fat as the same amount of farmed salmon. And saturated fat is not the healthy Omega 3 fat you want! Plus, wild caught fish contain no antibiotics or dyes. And they just taste better than their farm raised counterparts. This is due to their varied, natural diet instead of the engineered foods fed to fish raised in tanks or pens.

Sustainability and the Environment

Farming fish places a significant burden on the natural environment. There are the diseases that transmit to wild populations, pollution by chemicals and waste, and the impact on local species when non-native fish escape into the wild.

But is wild caught fish sustainable? When you are talking about US caught fish, the answer is a resounding yes. The US has the most well-managed fisheries in the world, with a total allowable catch designed to maintain or increase stocks. We import about 85% of the seafood we eat; most often from countries with more lax standards. It's more important than ever to buy American fish.

Where Can You Find Domestic, Wild Caught Fish?

Now that you know, you may be looking for wild caught, domestic fish at your local grocers. It's very hard to find. That’s where Sea to Table (sea2table.com) comes in. Sea to Table only sells the best wild caught domestic seafood like Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon, Wild Caught Shrimp and more, delivered directly to your doorstep.

Gain peace of mind in knowing the fish you’re eating was harvested in a safe and responsible manner. Enjoy a delicious meal by choosing wild caught fish from Sea to Table tonight.

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