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Why We Love Wild Pacific Cod

In addition to being a responsible and sustainable choice for dinner, Wild Pacific Cod is absolutely delicious. This mild white fish is naturally low in fat, and its lean, flaky meat tastes great plain or with a wide range of cuisines and sauces. Delivered skinless and ready to cook.


One 12oz pack (2 x 6oz servings, flash-frozen)

  • Flash frozen at peak freshness
  • Never Farmed
  • 100% USA caught and processed
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging
Cooking Tip:

Coat the fillets in batter, pan fry and serve with homemade fries for a sustainable twist on the classic fish & chips. Or try our recipes for Oven Baked Cod with Zoodles,  Spring Fish Soup,  Fried Fish Tacos,  and  Fish Fingers.

Where It's From:

Rated Best Choice by Seafood Watch, Pacific Cod is bountiful off the west coast of the United States and in the cool waters of the Bering Sea — unlike its overfished cousin Atlantic Cod.
Check the traceability sticker on each individual pack for specific landing location and catch method!


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100% Risk Free Guarantee

We care about the fish you eat and work closely with our supply partners to provide you with the very best. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will replace or refund any item within 30 days.


So this is the 3rd seafood subscription company I’ve tried. I really enjoy the thicker cuts of fish. Other ones give the thin salmon cuts closer to the tail. And the Pacific Cod is so buttery yummy! Have already received a second order and still in love! Also appreciate that fish is not farmed.

M Schroeder

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