What is that White Stuff on My Salmon?

What is that White Stuff on My Salmon?

When cooking salmon, you will likely run into the issue of Albumimun.That's the unappetizing looking “white stuff” that can appear on your salmon filet.

Because most people don't know what this quasi-mysterious "white stuff" on their salmon is, it can be quite concerning. But never fear! Albumin is a natural protein that lives in fish in liquid form. It appears when the muscle fibers are heated and they contract, pushing out the white-colored protein. This means that the "white stuff," which is simply a natural part of the fish's body, is perfectly safe to eat, albeit unsightly.

If you want to avoid the appearance of albumin, you can quickly brine your fish prior to cooking, which will help break down the protein. Give your salmon a quick soak in a blend of sea salt and water -- one tablespoon of salt per cup of water for 10 minutes, to be specific -- which will help relax and dissolve the muscle fibers and minimize the appearance of albumin.

Another important way to avoid "the white stuff" is to avoid overcooking your fish. But remember, there is nothing wrong with albumin.

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