Cooking Basics: How to Fry Fish

In the South and Midwest, you can be sure that wherever people get together, there is likely to be a fish fry. England is famous for its fish and chips shops, and that really, really popular fast food chain sells over 200 million fried fish sandwiches per year. Fried fish is arguably one of the most tasty foods there is. But most fried fish dishes remain the specialty of restaurants and take-outs, and are rarely cooked at home. Perhaps it is because the techniques involved sound intimidating, but trust us, they are not. In this article, we’ll teach you how to fry fish, how to make batter for fish, and how long to fry fish, among other tips that will have you frying your Sea to Table fish with confidence. First, however, you must choose which fish to fry! We highly recommend our Northwest Pacific Cod or Northwest Pacific Halibut.

How to Make Batter for Fish

Fried fish needs some sort of coating in order to cook up crisply. Pan (or shallow) frying usually calls for a dry coating of bread crumbs, cracker crumbs or panko for this trick. Looking for how to get your fish to fry perfectly? Shallow-fried fish is perfect for fish sandwiches. Get the recipe for Sea to Table’s elevated fried fish sandwiches on our blog.

Looking for a traditional English fish fry batter? Combine 1 cup flour, ½ cup milk, ½ cup water and ¼ cup baking powder and a teaspoon of salt, and whisk until smooth.

Want to know how to batter fish with beer? Simply combine one egg and one cup of flour with one twelve ounce can of your favorite lager and a teaspoon of salt.

How Long to Fry Fish

When properly done, frying produces tender, delectable fish with a crisp crust. To determine when the fish is done, insert a fork. Properly cooked fish flakes easily and is opaque and moist. Beware of overcooking, which produces tough, dry fish.

How to Deep Fry Your Fish

There’s nothing like deep fried fish, but many people are leery of deep-frying at home. You shouldn’t be! The most difficult thing about deep frying fish is to ensure your oil is at the proper temperature (375 degrees) before you start and all through the frying process. For this, you will need a candy/deep fry thermometer, which are available for a few dollars at your local grocery store. Keep the fish covered in the oil, and make sure your pot is only half full. Remove as soon as it is done and drain on paper towels. Never cover your deep fried fish (that leads to soggy fish, and you’ve worked so hard on that crisp crust!) and serve immediately. Get our recipe for fish fingers here!

Now you are well on your way to crispy, golden, fried fish perfection. Now all you need is the fish! Shop Sea to Table for delicious, sustainable, American-caught fish, delivered to your doorstep and ready for your next fish fry.

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