Halibut Facts That Will Totally Blow Your Mind

Halibut Facts That Will Totally Blow Your Mind

Everybody loves Northwest Pacific Halibut. Its firm, meaty flesh earns it the nickname of “Prime Rib of the Sea." Halibut tastes delicate and mild like a flounder but is meaty enough to hold up to any cooking method: grill it, fry it for fish sandwiches or tacos, or serve it in soup ... however you prep it, we guarantee you'll love Sea to Table's Northwest Pacific Halibut.

But how much do you know about halibut, the fish? Here are some truly astounding halibut facts. Okay, perhaps astounding is a bit overboard. But they are still pretty interesting. Read on:

Holy Flatfish!

In Middle English the word for flatfish was butte. During the Middle Ages, fish was often eaten on holy days in place of meat. The most popular fish for the holy days was the largest variety of flatfish, or “butte.” Thus, this particular fish came to be called in Middle English halybutte, meaning literally “holy flatfish,” from haly, a form of holy, and butte. In modern English the spelling has been changed to halibut.

Halibut Head

For Halibut, Flattening is Flattering

They’re the world’s largest flatfish, but Pacific halibut start their lives as minute larvae—swimming upright, like other fish, with one eye on each side of their heads. But at about 2.5 centimeters in length, the left eye moves to the right side, and at the age of six months, halibut settle onto the seafloor. Pacific halibut are almost always right eyed, meaning both eyes and the brown pigment are on the right side of the fish. The upper, brown pigmented side camouflages the fish from above while the white side shields it from underneath. This is called “countershading”.

Halibut are Huge

Halibut can weigh 500 lbs. That’s more than a full-grown silverback gorilla. The official record for the Pacific Halibut is 459 lbs. However, a 482 lb one just missed the record book because it had to be shot to protect the men on the boat, thus breaking the official rules.

Halibut Liver is a Better Source of “Cod Liver Oil” Than Cod

Cod liver oil, a rich source of vitamins A and D, became popular in the 1800’s for the prevention of Rickets. But in 1969, rickets was the last thing on the minds of 11 Dutch fishermen when they caught a very large halibut off the coast of Norway. The liver of the fish was large enough to feed all of them; one even ate about 2/3 of a pound. They soon became nauseous, their skin turned red and swollen, and the next morning their skin was peeling off in sheets. Turns out they were suffering from an overdose of Vitamin A, or Fish Liver Intoxication. Seriously, that’s a thing. The one who ate 2/3 pound of the halibut liver ingested the equivalent of 2,000 multivitamin tablets (about 30 million units of vitamin A)!

We Literally Guarantee You'll Love Our Halibut

However you slice it, Northwest Pacific Halibut is a deliciously versatile culinary delight, which we are fortunate to have a sustainable & bountiful supply of right here in the United States. Order some today, either à la carte or as part of our Alaskan Home Pack, Grill Master's Kit, or Pescatarian Pack

We’re so sure that you’ll love our halibut (and all of our other offerings) that we stand behind it 100%. That means if you are dissatisfied with your order for any reason, we’ll replace, re-ship or refund your purchase.

Well, what the halibut are you waiting for? Try some today!

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