Sushi Grade Fish: What is it?

A selection of Sushi

People toss around the term "Sushi Grade Fish" frequently, and there are no regulations and standards regarding the use of that term. However, it’s generally used to describe fish of the finest quality and freshness. So, in the most-used sense of the phrase, yes, Sea to Table fish is sushi grade. But can you eat your Sea to Table fish raw? The answer again is yes (with some important caveats we’ll get to in a minute). Also, health guidelines for fish sold for raw consumption be frozen under -31°F (-35°C) or below until solid, and kept frozen until use.

Is Sea to Table Fish Sushi-Grade?

Sea to Table’s seafood offerings are flash-frozen at sea or at the dock, at temperatures as low as -40°F, eliminating the (very, very small) risk posed by unfrozen fish. But speaking of risk, the most dangers of eating raw fish are created in the home kitchen itself. To avoid cross-contamination and bacteria, always work with scrupulously clean and sanitized equipment, and keep your fish cold… temperature abuse is your biggest risk.

Raw Alaska Salmon, Atlantic Scallops, and Atlantic Albacore Tuna

What Fish Tastes Best Raw?

Which Sea to Table fish to choose for this gustatory adventure? It’s hard to go wrong with Wild King Salmon. (Our Wild Sockeye Salmon is a great choice as well.) Or try our Atlantic Sea Scallops. Our fishermen never treat them with chemicals like STTP and pack them 'dry”, making them a terrific way to introduce shellfish to your sushi game. And you certainly can’t go wrong with our Sushi-Grade Atlantic Albacore Tuna.

Looking For Raw Fish Recipes?

Need ideas for what to do with your raw fish? You could serve it as sashimi, thinly sliced, with a little soy and some wasabi. And you can roll it in Nori for easy Maki Sushi. But sushi is only the beginning. You can serve your Sea to Table Sushi Grade Fish as crudo, with some good olive oil and a finishing salt. Or, if you are a raw fish newbie, try a cured raw fish recipe, like our gravlax or poke.

As a result, we might just turn you into a raw fish convert!

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